Garfield Dollhouse Build #69 – Hello 2017 & Feathered Friends

I have been very slack in posting.  But, I have been working on my dollhouse.  First of all, I like to wish everyone a happy and healthy year.   As stated previously, I take the holidays off to embrace the season.  Christmas is my favorite time of the year and then January rolls around and I procastinate putting away all my christmas decorations.   I have so many projects that I am currently working on for the dollhouse.  I have been punching out wood pieces, sanding, and gluing them together.  I’ve been painting and gluing stones on the rest of the tower and the chimney  that I have been building for my dollhouse.  I have also added on more of the dollhouse roof and only have a few more pieces to add before it is done.  One of these days i’ll finish the railings and the rest of trim work inside the house.  I’ve just been distracted with the outside for now.

So speaking of the outside, I found an addorable owl, his name is Yoshi, that I plan on building a nest for and placing on the roof next to the tower.  In the flat square area that I ended up with after altering the wall in the master bedroom.  He’ll be so cute there.  I also purchased a parrott and a white cage that I am planning on placing on the patio off the basement.  Which I have yet to work on.


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