Miniature Dollhouse Garfield Build Post #1 – Arrival

I received my dollhouse right before Thanksgiving.  YEAH!  However, was going out of town for the holiday and would not be able to start it right away.

Day 1 of dollhouse build was Dec 5, 2014.  Opened boxed and placed all the sheets of wood in numeric order.  Read the directions, got out wood glue, masking tape, razor knife and sand paper.  Closed my eyes, took a deep breath and jumped in with a positive can do attitude and tons of excitement.


4 thoughts on “Miniature Dollhouse Garfield Build Post #1 – Arrival”

  1. I am so impressed with your dollhouse progress! Just found your site today. I, too, am interested in assembling a 1:1 dollhouse. Which kit/ manufacturer is yours?

    1. Thank you for your comment. I am building the Garfield by Greenleaf. I have modified it somewhat by having the cabinet built that it sits on which allowed me to add the basement feature to my dollhouse. Good luck with your dollhouse build. Becareful, it’s an addicting hobby and can turn into a very expensive project. But I love it and would recommend it.

  2. I started my Garfield Dollhouse about a month ago and right now I am painting all the window and door trim. I have about 136 pieces left to paint. I am following the directions carefully, but also I am adding some extras to the dollhouse. I wanted to add oak floorboards to all the floors, except the kitchen and bathroom. When exactly is the best time to do this?? I did not to put together all the walls and partitions then add the floorboards. I wanted to make sure is was easy for me to access the rooms and lay the floorboards. Thanks!!

  3. Hi Jeff ~

    If you have look through my blog you can see I changed every window and door in my dollhouse. So if you are planning on doing that as well then you will definitely want to make any changes to walls first before you assemble them. As far as the flooring goes. I didn’t put in my flooring until the walls were up. You need the walls to know where to butt the flooring against and since there are so many angles to contend with in the garfield. The first floor wood I just cut and glued directly onto the wood. FYI be very careful in the glue you use, most glue will cause the flooring wood to curl. I used this stuff call “YES” paste. It’s non acidic and doesn’t curl the wood. Just a thin coat is all that is needed. I used it for all my wallpaper as well. Then afterward I used a thin coat of varnish. You can buy YES paste on amazon it runs about $10 a jar. I end up using 2 jars for my dollhouse. When it came time to floor the 2nd and 3rd floors. I actually purchase from Michaels a thin balsam wood sheets and made patterns for each room/space. I then glued my flooring to it and then put in the room. I did this because it’s way easier than trying to wiggle my fat fingers into tight corners as well as I wanted to be able to remove the flooring for easy access to my lighting if need be later down the road. Since my dollhouse is taped wired. You can see example of what I’m talking about in the following blog post. May 2016 #51, July 2016 #58 & 59, Sept 2016 #63. I didn’t put the roof on until after I finished flooring the attic. Otherwise you will struggle reaching tight places. Another suggestion is do not attahed the main first floor staircase until you have finished doing all the work behind it. I still haven’t attached mine yet. It’s probably one the the last things I’ll do. I may even leave it unattached so I can remove it at any time in the future. I’ll still toying with weather or not to glue it in place permantly. My blog is pretty much in order of how I built my dollhouse. I hope that you’re not in to much of a hurry to build your house. It’s when I get ahead of myself that I found I made the most mistake. Just know ahead of time what you want to do and plan for it accordingly and you should be fine. I found that dry fitting first is huge and will help you immensly so you can see the restrictions you will face. Good luck with your build. Thank you for visiting my site. Let me know if you have any other questions. Always glad to help.

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