cropped-A-Sandy-Me-Mom.jpegMy name is Jodie, I currently reside in Colorado.  I am married, I have  a wonderful son who is grown and lives close by.

Me & Nathan

I have 2 dogs, Trango and Dutch.  Affectionally, referred to as rotten dog and cuddle buddy respectively.



I am an accountant and I love my job.

My favorite place is at home with my family, then it would be anywhere in the mountains or sitting on a beach.

I enjoy traveling, reading, music (No opera or country), cooking, crafts, and a good nap

I am currently watching The Blacklist, Downton Abbey, The Walking Dead, The Amazing Race, Top Chef, Masterchef, Game of Thrones, Project Runway,  The Big Bang Theory, Person of Interest, The 100, The Originals and several others.  I just realized that I watch way too much T.V.

I like all genre of movies with the exception of Horror.

Favorite thing to do is to meet new friends.  Cheers.




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