Garfield Dollhouse Build #74 – Fireplace

I made a fire place from scratch for the basement family room.   I also decided to accent the front porch steps in stone.  I have since ripped off the wallpaper on the wall where the fire place is located and replaced it with a solid green paper.  I intend to add a wood wall feature to that wall.   I haven’t done so yet, but will post pictures as I get it done.   I don’t know why  I  added a deer head to the fire place.  It just seemed like the thing to do.

Garfield Dollhouse Build #73 – Finished Tower & Chimney

I am finally done with all the stone work.  Amen.  The white mortar I purchased was full of mold when I opened it.  Huge bummer.  I had purchased some grey mortar a while back and when I opened the grey mortar is was just fine, but darker than what I was wanting.   I added in some white paint to lighten it, but when it dried it looked like one big grey concrete blob.   So, if doing all that work wasn’t enough after the mortar dried, I went back through and white washed it all.   I was happy with the overall results.  I also installed all the tower windows.