Garfield Dollhouse Build #67 – Stone work on Tower

I have decided to do the outside tower part of the dollhouse in stone.  So this weekend I decided to see what it would look like.   I completed the lower portion of the tower just for giggles.  I LOVE it.  I still have to put the mortar between the stones but I think it will look awesome.  So I need to get the porch roof on so I can finish the rest of the tower.  I needed a break from the skinny sticks.


img_0379 img_0383 img_0388 img_0385

Garfield Dollhouse Build #66 – Attic Sitting Area

I’ve been looking for furniture for the sitting area in the attic.  I was having a hard time finding something I liked and that would go well with the busy colors and patterns that I already had going on in the attic.   I was looking for a solid colored sofa set.  After months of searching the internet I finally found a set that I like and goes well.