Garfield Dollhouse Build #62 – Master Bedroom and Bathroom

I installed the wall between the master bedroom and bathroom and completed all the trim work in the master bedroom.   I found a frosted insert for the bathroom doors and used the same treatment for them that I did on the laundry room door.  I just used different colors to match the decor of the 2 rooms.  I am working on getting the windows painted and hope to have them installed soon.

IMG_0163 IMG_0166 IMG_0160 IMG_0164 IMG_0167 Master Bedroom Door 2

Garfield Dollhouse Build #61 – Changed wall in attic

After much thought I decided to cut the wall in the attic in half.   I felt that the original wall just made that space feel to closed off and cramped and block sight lines.  I want to be able to actually see the attic.  I’m planning on leaving off the removable section of the roof.   So it made sense take the wall down.   Here are before and after pictures.  When the rest of the roof is on this will make more sense.  With that wall up that back corner becomes unaccessable.  Once the railing is installed it will flow together nicely.

Attic Landing 3rd Floor Attic Attic Half wall 2 Attic half wall