Garfield Dollhouse Build #59 – Second Floor Landing

I had some wood pieces leftover from the study floor kit and master bedroom kit. I didn’t want to waste them and since I hadn’t decided what to do for the hallway outside the master bedroom I decided to play around to see what I could come up with.  I only had one small wood square left so I used it as a patteren and cut 30 more out of the strip wood I had left from the living room.  The upstairs hallway floor is now complete.  I really liked the way it turned out.  Mistakes and all.

Now I can put in doors and crown molding and trim on the second floor.   On to the next project.

Garfield Dollhouse Build #58 – Master Bedroom Flooring

I’ve been lazy the last couple of weeks.  So I haven’t got a lot done on my dollhouse.  I did manage to get the flooring of the master bedroom done.   To clarify these are actual wood pieces,  I don’t cut them out, they come in pattern kits.  I thought that I would try them in the master bedroom and study.  Just something different.  I really didn’t want to use the same flooring throughout the house.  I like each room to have it’s own personality.  I am trying to stick with a multiwood color floor theme throughout the house though.   The one exception to this will be the attic.  I’ll more than likely use one solid color.  That’s the plan for now.  As we all know the plan is always subject to change.

MB Floor MB Flooring 6 MB Floor 3 MB Floor 4 Master Bedroom Flooring