Garfield Dollhouse Build #57 – Revisiting the window seats

I just didn’t like the first cushion that I did for the upstair hallway window seat.  So I have made a new one.  I tried to make this one look like it is tufted.  Not for sure I was very successful.  But hey, if you have read my blog to date you know that sewing is my nemesis.  I do like this new version better and I am planing on making the curtains out of the same material.  So I am now please with both window seats.  Just need some pillows.  I also finished making all of the subflooring for the rest of the house.  My next goal is to finish the rest of the flooring and attic gables.  So this is a lot of tedious and time consuming work.  So don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from me for a couple of weeks.  As I get sections done I’ll post updates.

Here’s before and after


Per a request I’m posting additional pictures of window seats

img_0405  img_0401 img_0400 img_0399 img_0398 img_0397

Garfield Dollhouse Build #56 – Wallpapering

With the exception of the back wall in the bathroom (I need the roof panel to go in) I have completed wallpapering my dollhouse.    I still have to do all the trim work, basboards and the ceiling in the master bedroom and bathroom.  But those are small items that I  will come back to.   I decided not to use the bead board that I was planning on using in the bathroom.  I just didn’t like the way it looked.  So I bought some railing cut outs and decided to use those instead.  I am much happier.  I need to paint them white and put them up.  I think they’ll look awesome and contrast against the lavender background.  Just a touch of fun design.    I also wallpapered the tower room. Here are picks of bedroom, bathroom, and tower room.  I also modified the bathroom vanity by making it a solid top with new wash bowl sitting on top and installing a new faucet.  One of the things I altered in the master bedroom was I removed a small wall that was located in front of the bedroom door.  This took a little bit of brain storming to figure out how to close up the hole this wall left in the floor above and on the outside of the house.  But where there’s a will there is a way.  I think I did a good job of it.  I have yet to  install the door panel that goes between the master bedroom and the bathroom.  It’s just placed there for the benefit of the photo.  So you don’t need to mention that it looks crooked and that the seams are off.  When I permanently attach it.  It will look better than the photo here shows.




Garfield Dollhouse Build #55 – Attic Rafters Project

I gave a lot of thought about the attic and how to decorate it to complete the dollhouse.  A lot of people put wallpaper on the gables.  But I wanted the attic gables to have a wood slats look like you would normally see in an attic.  So my bright idea was to glue skinny sticks on all the gables.  This is a lot of work and very tedious and time consuming.  It’s has taken me forever to just do 3 sections.  I still have 5 more sections to go.  But I am happy with the results.  I also decided to keep the color in the attic to golds, beige and yellow tones so hopefully the open sections will blend into each other.  I’ve made some progress but have tons more to do.   I’m going to take a break from gluing skinny sticks  and switch over to working on the second floor hallway and master bedroom flooring.  Hopefully, I’ll have another post soon.  Happy Birthday to my entire family whom all happen to be born in June.  How does that happen.  So happy birthday to Connor and Nathan (my nephew and son, who not only happen to be born in June but on the same day no less).  Happy Birthday to Laurie and Bill (my sister and brother inlaw).  Happy Birthday to Tim (my husband) and Happy Fathers day to my dad Ron.  I hope you all have fun and rewarding days.  Love you.

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Garfield Dollhouse Build #53 – Office/Study Progress

So I have made more progress on the study.  I still need to do the baseboards, crown molding, install the french doors. hook up desk lamp and fireplace insert,  hang curtains, add artwork on the walls, and add knick knacks and books to the shelfs.  It’s really starting to come together.  I’ll just post pictures and let them speak for themselves.  I am very happy with how turned out.

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