Garfield Dollhouse Build #52 – 1st Floor Lighting

I finally got around to installing the lights on the first floor.  Yeah, go me!   They turned out awesome and I’m very happy with each of them.  I need to put bulbs in the dining room light but other than that they are all up and running.  I also hung one of the cameo pictures in the living room and  installed the wall sconces in the 2nd floor hallway area.

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Garfield Dollhouse Build #51 – Office/Study

I am making the room above the kitchen into a study/office space.  This last week I have been working on the flooring, doing shelves, and working on the ceiling for this room.  On the second and third levels I’ll be making subfloors because I want to be able to easily access the tape wire under the floor to fix any issue that arise with lighting down the road.  Plus with the subfloor it’s much easier to do the wood flooring.  I am waiting for the wall paper to come in that I order for this room.  Hopefully, it will arrive soon.  I’ve decided to do floor to ceiling paneling in this room.  I found a cool wall paper  that depicts paneling, so I’ll see how it looks.  If I don’t like it then I’ll figure something else out.  I still have to place a border around the art work on the ceiling  and of course the door, trim, and curtains but the room is coming together.  It took me around 20 hours to do the  floor.  Boy those pieces were small, but I love the way it turned out.  I am trying to stick with a multicolored wood flooring scheme through out the dollhouse.  I toyed with using the same pattern that I used in living room and dining room area however,  I really don’t want all the patterns to be the same through out.   I  decided that I really wanted each area to have it own individuality.

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Garfield Dollhouse Build #49 – Kitchen Light and New People

After much consideration I decided that the dollhouse was so huge that it needed more occupants.  So I added Elaine and Ed to the Kitchen and Grandpa Lee to the household in addition to Leigh Ann and Grandma Ruth.  I also finished some small tasks that needed to get done.  The kitchen light is now hooked up and working.  I got the trim add around the bay area in the kitchen and I also got the kitchen bay roof on as well.

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Garfield Dollhouse Build #48 – Dining Room Mirror

I needed something on the wall in the dining room.  I found a lovely cameo mirror made by Jim Coates on ebay.  He really has a lot of nice mirrors.  If you have the time you should check out his items.  It was just what I needed to pull the dining room area together.



I am now ready to install the 1st floor ceiling lights, then I am off the work on the 2nd floor landing/hallway.

Garfield Dollhouse Build #47 – Bathroom

So now that I am moving up to the 2nd floor I’m finalizing each of the rooms in my head.  I pretty much have the bathroom set.  I had bought both a shower and tub for the bathroom but I really couldn’t come up with a layout that I liked which included both.    I decided to eliminate the shower which really bummed me out.  So in one of my many online searches I came across a solution to my problem and now I can have both a tub and shower again.   All I have to do now is make a shower curtain.  I have some ideas floating around in my head for the shower curtain.  I have a feeling it will run the course of the other curtains and be a trial by error until I make one that I like.  Here is a rough layout of the bathroom.  These will be the  before photos to compare to the photos that I will post later when it’s completed.