Dollhouse Miniature Garfield Build #44 – Surprise (see I am working on my dollhouse)

So I have not let months go by this time.  Surprised you.  I finally finished curtain number 2.  The window seat curtain on the main level.   I can’t even tell you how many times I started and trash this particular curtain.  It’s by no means perfect (but I’m so over it) that what I finally ended up with I kept.   I have come the realization that I have made my window curtain making process harder than it probably should be just by my material choice.  But the heart wants what the hearts wants.   So here I am fighting and cussing as I make curtains.   Well it all can’t be fun and games.


Now on to the other two corner windows.  They’ll be just like the curtain in the dining room.  Just a different color.

I also got around to putting in the corner shelf in the bathroom.  The orginal design for the dollhouse has this corner shelf on the first floor in the dining room.  But I decided to relocate it to the bathroom.  I had to cut it down a bit at the top but I like it as shelves for the bathroom.  This is one of the things I like about this kit is that you can modify and change things around if you want.  My bathroom color scheme is lavendar and white.  So the bottom background of the shelves is painted in a lavendar color.  It’s hard to determine that in the picture.


I installed  the 3rd floor on the dollhouse and put together the tower roof.  The 3rd floor tower has it’s own little room.  But I’m thinking about leaving it open and forgoing the tower room.  I like the openess of the space better.  I think I will use the fairy lights inside the tower roof hopefully, resulting in a nice soft lighting effect.  If I make that area the music room.  I think the grand piano would go nicely in that round spot in front of the windows.  Ideas come and go all the time so we’ll see how it plays out.


and the last surprise is we adopted a traumized puppy.   He’s approximately 4 months old.   I can confirm that he has issues but with patience, love, and a good trainer he’ll end up being a great dog.  We named him Kash and right now his saving grace is that he is so adorable that you just can’t get mad at him.  Frustrated yes,  but looking into those eyes just melts your heart.  But remembering my doodle bugs helps me keep everything in perspective.  I wish I could tell you his breed but I don’t know.   My guess is some spaniel but not for sure about what else could be in the mix.  I don’t know how big he’ll get.  So it will be a surprise to us.    We’re taking it day by day.  He loves chewing on all my dollhouse items.  So I wont be leaving them out anymore.  If I could just stop him from chewing on the cabinet.  LOL.  He’s been losing some of his teeth so that helps a little.  It’s the thought of the bigger ones growing in that has me scared.

Kash 2Kash 1