Dollhouse Miniature Garfield Build #43 – It’s been awhile & Curtains

So I haven’t worked on my dollhouse in a long time.  There are a couple of reasons.  The first reason is I am working on the curtains.  I need to complete and install the back 3 curtains in the downstairs area before I install the main staircase.  Which I need to do before starting the second floor.  I know how I want to do the curtains.  I have all the materials and items I need.  But so far I have made complete disasters.  Sewing is not in my wheel house.  So I really struggle when it comes manipulating fabric.   So I would set them down and walk away and then whenever I thought I wanted to work on my dollhouse I knew I had to face the curtains and so I just kept putting it off.  Then the first part of February I got a bad sinus infection that just wouldn’t go away.  So I was pretty much sick the entire month of February.  I ended up having sinus surgery the first part of March.  I am still recovering from that.

But the one event that really took the wind out of my sails was my sweet doodle bugs Dutch got sick.  We noticed something was seriously wrong on March 1st and he had to be put to sleep on March 16.  This broke my heart into pieces.  A sweet, happy, and gentle soul  left this world way to soon.   He was only 7.  We adopted him from a shelter in April 2011.  Though we only had him 5 years he brought so much joy and love to our home and family.  This is a blow that will take along time to recover from.  Here are couple of pictures of our beloved Dutch.

dutch dutch2

So I’ve been in a funk since losing doodles and strangly enough I have found some peace in sitting down and working on my curtains.  I finally finished my first one.  The curtain for the dining room.  They’re not prefect by any means but they’re good enough for me.   So here you go.  I hope now that I kind of have a system down that I can knock out the others in a more timely manner.   But I am ready to charge forward with my dollhouse.  So stay tuned.

20160327_144559_resized_1 20160327_145644_resized_2