Dollhouse Miniature Garfield Build #42 – Reflections

I hope everyone had a great christmas and new year.  Well it has been over year since I started working on my dollhouse.  I felt like I have accomplished a lot, but not as much as I had hoped to.  But it’s all good.  I wanted to take my time on my dollhouse and not rush anything.  So far so good.  Mistakes, I made many but have learned greatly from them.   Ideas have come and gone, but such is life.   I didn’t do any work on my dollhouse from Thanksgiving thru Christmas.  I love the holidays and want them to be dedicate to spending time with my family.  My mom came out for Thanksgiving and I enjoyed showing her around my dollhouse and sharing my ideas for the dollhouse with her.  Now that things are back to normal (so to speak, as normal is a relative term) I’m looking forward to getting back to work on my dollhouse.  So stay tuned and here’s to getting the second floor done on my dollhouse in 2016.   New year’s resolution #4 – keep goals smaller and more attainable.  Cheers