Dollhouse Miniature Garfield Build #41- Small projects

I have completed both the 1st floor and 2nd floor window seats.  I still need to actually put in the windows but that will be done  later on when I put the siding on the house.  I liked the look of just the plain wood window seat but went ahead and made a seat cushion for each window.  The cushions are removable so I can have it either way.  The room that I designated as my office came with 2 small steps that lead down to it.   After looking through many finished pictures of garfield dollhouses on the internet.  I saw that on Kathy Calhoun’s garfield dollhouse she made a landing and turned the stairs sideways.  I really thought that this added so much more to the overall look of the room that I copied her idea and made my own landing similar to hers.  I finished my landing over the weekend.  I will had the base boards to it after the room has been completed.  I am currently working on making the curtains for the downstairs windows.  Since I do not sew this is a challenging endeavor.  I have made 2 so far and they were awful.  Hopefully I’m finally getting the hang of it and the 3rd time will be the charm.    So here are pictures of the window seats and the landing.  If I ever succeed in making a finished curtain that I like then I’ll post a picture of it.  Still itching to move to the second level but alas, I really need to tweak and get the little things done on the 1st floor.


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