I have not forgotten my dollhouse

I know, I know,  I haven’t worked on my dollhouse in almost 2 months.  It’s been killing me.  Thank you all for your patience.   The month of August was spent on working on our backyard.  It was a weedy mess and now is covered in beautiful green grass.  No more mud.  Much love to my wonderful son who was a huge help to me.  My husband had back surgery the middle of July, so the summer was just a blur.   I came down with a cold the first weekend of September, I am still struggling with a lingering cough.  My cuddle bug (Dutch) had a mass in his leg that needed to be removed 2 weeks ago and had some issues with post surgery.  I am happy to report he is doing much better.  Also, weekends in September are a precious commidty with my favorite fall festivals that I attend yearly.    So, this weekend Oct, 17th I can finally refocus my attention back on to my dollhouse.  YEAH.  No more walking by it and sighing.  So stay tuned and check back soon as I will start posting and sharing my progress once again.