Dollhouse Miniature Garfield Build #38 – Dining Room Furniture

I have been looking at dining room furniture for months.  The first idea I had didn’t pan out.  So after pouting about it for 2 months I was finally able to find a set that I like and thought worked well color wise with the color scheme on the first floor.  I still haven’t gotten around to installing the rail on top of the paneling.  But soon.  The china hutch wood tone doesn’t quite match the table and chairs.  But I fell in love with it and had to have it in my dining room.  Sorry the pictures are so dark.  My smart phone is too smart for me to figure out the flash.  Geesh.



Dollhouse Miniature Garfield Build #37 – Living Room Wallpaper

I had a color scheme all worked out.  So I papered the lower half with a plum colored paper.  Then I went to paper the upper part and realized the paper I order and was sent was the correct design however the 2 sheets were a darker color and 2 sheets were lighter in color to such a degree that it made the paper I choose unusable.  What a sad, sad day.  And of course I couldn’t find it again anywhere on the internet.  So I had to search for another paper that I like and that would match the plum color of the lower paper.  This took weeks.  But alas, I found a good match that I like and the living room is now wallpapered.  I also completed installing the ceiling paper as well.  I am ordering new crown molding to use in the living room and dining room area.  I will not be using the same crown molding that I used in the kitchen.  Learned that lesson the hard way.  I hope to finish the chair rail trim and front door trim this week.  I have no idea on the window treatments yet.  I haven’t even started putting the double window seat area together yet.  But that will be the next project.  I am so close to having the first floor done I can hardly stand it.  Ready to move on to the upstairs.


Dollhouse Miniature Garfield Build #36 – Kitchen is almost done

This weekend I worked on finishing the trim and baseboards in the kitchen.  One problem I had was with the crown molding.  It was a plaster type molding so it was difficult to cut and the pieces were seldom straight.  So after gluing it in place I  ended up with all kinds of ugly gaps.  Was not really liking how the crown molding turned out.  I had an idea that maybe I could hide the flaws using chaulk.  It worked.  So I am now a happy camper with how the kitchen turned out.  I am in the process of fininshing the 2 big windows in the kitchen, putting up the cabinets, adding door knobs to the door and fininshing the screen door that leads out to the porch. But other than that the kitchen is done.  I can now start adding all the fun small stuff.  So here is my kitchen.


Dollhouse Miniature Garfield Build #35 – Kitchen Curtains

I decided to try my hand at  making my own curtains.  Since I possess no sewing skills what-so-ever this was truly a challenge for me.  This weekend, one of many dollhouse task that I worked on was the curtains for the bay window in the kitchen.  They turn out ok.  They could be better.  But given my sewing skills I’m happy with the results.  I found some lace at the fabric store that I thought would work ok and some smaller trim.  So no laughing and keep negative comments to yourself.  I tried.



Dollhouse Miniature Garfield Build #34 – Carpet Runner & Welcome Mat

I have been going back and forth on whether or not I wanted to install carpet runners on the stairs.  I finally decided that I did and found a runner that I liked.  I also bought a welcome mat for the front porch.  In the mean time I have the ceiling installed in the kitchen and the baseboards in the living room but will post those pictures at a later date.  I’m currently working on the door between the kitchen and dining room.   So here are the stairs with the new runner.


Here’s my new welcome mat