Dollhouse Miniature Garfield Build #33 – Kitchen Wallpaper

I didn’t want the month of June to go buy without a new post.  Don’t want you guys to think I’m getting lazy.  I had reach a point in my work on the dollhouse house where I had to seriously stop and think about the wiring of the dollhouse and where I wanted to place lights and run tape wire.  I want the ability to add and change around my interior decor and have electric available if I wanted it.  So this took some careful thought.  After I figured out how I was going to place the tape wire, I actually had to install it and make sure it was working.  This work is background work and will not show.  So it may seem like it didn’t accomplish much in the month of June.  I really was busy and got a lot done.

Now on to what you can see that I accomplish.  I completed the wallpapering in the kitchen.  The kitchen still needs a lot of work.  I still have to finish the ceiling, do baseboards, crown molding, windows, doors, and trim.  Then hang the cabinets and figure out my curtains.   Since I am using crown molding in the kitchen I didn’t want the wallpaper border to be hidden.  Then I got the idea of turning my wallpaper upside down so the top border would provide a decorative split between the solid color and the paper.  I also decided to do the window bay area in just the solid red color.   It’s hard to tell in the photos but the kitchen wallpaper is white background with a lot of little cherries.  It’s cute as a button.  I am very happy with the results.  I’ll post new pictures as I complete the finishing touches to the kitchen.

Kitchen with wallpaperKitchen Front with  wallpaper