Dollhouse Miniature Garfield Build #32 – Finishing Trims and Staircases

This was busy weekend.  I also finished a lot of the trim work that I need to get done.  Such as the transition strips on the hardwood floors and around the spiral staircase.  I add 2 wood strips to the main staircase and added a wood screen.  I also was playing around with the second floor staircase to make sure everything fit together.  So here are a couple more photos of the stairs.


Dollhouse Miniature Garfield Build #31 – Furniture

I thought I would take some time out to evaluate the rooms in my dollhouse and see what furniture I had and decide what I still wanted to buy.  So I thought I would share with you some of the stuff I have bought already.  FYI, both the T.V.  and the grandfater clock actually work.   The T.V. is really cool.  It came with 7 full length movies on it.  They are older movies like Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie, and It’s A Wonderful Life to name just a few.  Here’s what I have so far.  I have already posted kitchen furniture so I will not be reposting those pictures.


Dollhouse Miniature Garfield Build #30 – Dining Room

I made some headway this weekend on my dining room.  It has now been wallpapered and I have the paneling up.  I have an area in the wallpaper along the seam that I need to glue down, I guess that I was so caught up in trying to line up the wallpaper to make sure it was even that I missed some glue.  I guess it’s all the little mistakes that I make which make building the house so much fun to build.  NOT!   I still need to put the chair railing around the top of the paneling and install the ceiling paper, crown molding, and install my wonderful light.  Oddly enough the dining room is about the only room in my house that I haven’t bought furniture for.  Guess I need to go shopping.  (You can’t see it, but I’m smiling right now).  Next up the living room wallpaper or maybe the kitchen.


Dollhouse Miniature Garfield Build #28 – Dining Room Light

After several months of hunting for a dining room light that I like, I finally found one that I absolutely love and I found the perfect wallpaper to compliment it.  Just wanted to share them with you.  I can’t wait to put these in.  Sorry the wallpaper is sideways the flowers will go horizontally when installed.  The light fixture is handcrafted by Ray Story.  You should check out his website if you have some time to spare.


Dollhouse Miniature Garfield Build #27 – Floors on first level

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post.  I wasn’t able to work on my dollhouse as much as I wanted to in April.  I did manage to get the wood flooring put in.  That process was quite time consuming.  I am still in the process of putting a sealant on the floor and sanding.  I still need to put the transition strips on to clean it up a bit.  I also put in the tile flooring in the entry way.  And I am currently using skinny sticks on the front proch to give it a more realistic feel.  I still need to sand and stain them.  I decided to share a couple of pictures even though I’m not 100 percent done with these projects.  Hopefully, now that the floors on the 1st level are almost done, I’ll make faster progess on completing the first level by the end of May.  I know going with a tri color wood floor may seem a little weird.  But the color scheme I plan on using for the first floor is on the dark side and I needed some lighter shades for contrast.   I hope when it’s all done that it will look good.

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