Dollhouse Miniature Garfield Build #26 – Misc fiddling around

I found a couch I like for the basement and I added a new plant.  I also decided Leigh Ann really needed a roomate other than Lady the puppy.  So I have added Grandma Ruth to the household.  In addition, I was playing around with the kitchen door, just checking to see if the inserts I bought would work the way I wanted them too.  Success they did.  It looks awesome.   It compliments the inserts that I used in the kitchen bay windows wonderfully.   Now I need to stain one side of the door brown and paint the otherside white.  That will be a project for another day.  I am currently working on gluing my wood floor down in the living room and dining room.    Of course I couldn’t be happy with just one color of wood so I’m alternating between 3 different wood tones.  I wont take any pictures until it’s done so you’ll just have to wait.  So far it’s looking pretty good.20150405_134706_resized20150405_134830_resized20150405_134724_resized20150405_163553_resized20150405_163537_resized

Dollhouse Miniature Garfield Build #25 – Paris Mural on Staircase

I love Paris, France,  I went to Paris when I was in Jr High School.  I’ve always had fond memories and would love to go back and visit again.  So when I was looking at my staircase wondering whether or not to paint it a color or wallpaper it.  If I need to do one side one color so it would match the living room and the otherside a different color to match the dining room decor I just couldn’t make up my mind.  I came accross some miniature murals depicting different Paris landmarks and voila the idea was born.  I could pay homage to Paris in my staircase by giving it it’s own decor separate from either space around it and showcasing just how wonderful Paris truly is.  I am so happy with how it turned out.  I was also left with a small portion of what use to be the closet under the staircase so I decided to turn that space into a bookshelf.  Overall it turned out way better than I had hope for.  I still need to had a few more pieces of wood trim, (ran out, so need to order more),  so still not quite finished yet with the staircase20150405_163728_resized


Dollhouse Miniature Garfield Build #24 – Front Bay Windows & Kitchen Items

I got the front bay windows put on.  I have also finished assembling all the smaller windows that will go on the dollhouse.  Like the ones I’m using in the kitchen bay.  I have to decided to spruce them up a bit by adding a design to the top panes.  I also got all the hardware added on to the windows.  The little window handles and window locks.   You can see them in the picture on the windows in the kitchen that I am posting here.   I found the cutest little light for over the kitchen table that matches my decor.  I have been playing with the kitchen layout again.  Now that the walls are up the other layout I had planned to use doesn’t really work.  I am planning on painting the bay window area in the kitchen red and I have a cute cherry wallpaper that will use for the rest of the kitchen.