Dollhouse Miniature Garfield Build – #23 Walls, I finally have some up

I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks, but I have been busy.  I have been prepping the walls.  This took sometime since I am using purchased doors and windows I had to resize every opening.  What a chore.  I sanded and primed everything.  I now have some walls up.  I put in my door and some windows just to verify the fit.  Nothing has been glued in place yet.  I’m dry fitting first to make sure it will go together correctly so I can make adjustment as needed before permanently attaching anything.  So this is where I am at so far.  I am so excited to finally see the dollhouse take shape.  I haven’t prepped the third floor yet.  I believe once I glue the walls in place I’ll start working on the first floor finishings. (i.e.  wood floors, wall papering etc..) before moving up to the second and third floors.  I still need to put in the front bay windows.  I just wanted to share my progress to date.


Dollhouse Miniature Garfield Build #22 – Staircases are put together

It feels like forever ago when I started working on the staircases for my dollhouse.  I believe I started them in December and then took a slight detour working on the basement, but the whole time in the background I would be doing a little here and a little there on the stairs.  If you guys remember from earlier post and photos I decided not to use the railings and post that came with the kit.  I didn’t like the look of the flat spindles.  In retrospect, if I knew then what I know now the original staircases would be just fine.  What’s that old saying, ignorance is bliss?  This was an exercise in patience and frustration.  Other than adding a mural and the shelves to base of the staircase, the construction part is DONE.  YEAH!!!!  I am reposting some of the previous pictures in this post so the staircase journey can be relived under this post.  Hopefully, in my next post there will be walls on my dollhouse.

Staircase 8Staircase 9Staircases62nd Floor Staircase20150318_070334_resized20150318_070633_resized20150318_070359_resized20150318_070525_resized20150318_070416_resized

Dollhouse Miniature Garfield Build #21 – Laundry Room Door

Laundry Room Door Painted Laundry Room DoorPainted Laundry room door 2I completed painting the panels on the laundry room door and added the door knobs.  The door knob is hard to spot in these photos but if you look closely you can see them.   I alternated the painted panels on the door.  I used a metalic copper, a white gold, and a dark green paint to accent the door.  The dark green doesn’t show up well in these photos.  I am very happy with the overall effect.