Dollhouse Miniature Garfield Build #19 – Wine Bottle and Glasses

I found a wine bottle with glasses on ebay.  The wine is actually liquid and not a dried colored plastic so the liquid will move when the bottle is tilted.  Pretty cool.  Probably should have went with the red instead of the white.  But more of a white wine fan.  Maybe I’ll order the red wine a little later down the road.   Plan on doing a lot of work this weekend on my dollhouse.  Will keep you all posted.  20150225_190349_resized 20150225_190056_resized 20150225_190151_resized

Miniature Dollhouse Garfield Build #18 – Photos of Items Added to Laundry Room

I went to Denver over the weekend and found a wonderful dollhouse shop called Norm’s Dollhouse.  Spent over 2 and half hours exploring.  Could have spent all day.  I bought a couple of small items for the Laundry Room.  I bought a rug, ironing board, and some board games for the closet.   My washer and dryer I bought on ebay along with the bathroom towels, iron, puzzle, and the tide and Clorox bottle.  I am currently working on painting some the panels on the French Door of the laundry room.  I got the idea from Sumaiya Mehreen whom added paint to her windows in her Garfield dollhouse.  When the paint dries it looks like colored glass.  I’ll take a photo of the door when it’s done.  In the meantime I’m happy to share these photos


Miniature Dollhouse Garfield Build #15 – Happy Dance (the basement is 99% completed)

BasementFinished Basement 4I still need to put ceiling paper up in addition to the 3 ceiling lights and I need to added all the little items that will make it seem more like a home.  Plus I need to add more furniture.  So far I have only added the bar, pool table, poker table and a chair. I am going to  paint some of the panes of the french door to dress it up a little and get will get the door knobs added on.  I am planning on putting in a patio in the white area.   However, that will be down the road when I get to the end of my project.  I am really happy with the lighting that goes around the outside of the rooms.  It’s a nice effect.

Miniature Dollhouse Garfield Build #14 – Rotten Dog

Rotten DogWood Stain in carpetWD40 Spot Stain RemoverRotten dog strikes again.  So far since starting my build rotten dog has chewed up a screen door, tore up containers and ate wallpaper paste,  thought some of the stones I bought for fireplaces and chimney were dog biscuts, and generally feels he’s not getting enough attention.  While staining some of the basement trim, rotten dog chose the exact moment when I was dipping my brush into the stain can to make his presence known by strongly nuddging my elbow, causing the stain container to be knocked over.  Needless to say, it wasn’t pretty.  Talk about a mess.  I was really impressed by the large dark brown stain my carpet now has.  I will admit that I have needed new carpet downstairs for awhile now, so this just puts an exclaimation point on that statement.  Seeing how this is a very dark wood stain, I was really discouraged,  but as you can see from the photos above that I was able to make some progress in removing the stain. (not all but most of it)   Pretty amazing right?  How you ask?  Let me tell you.  Are you sitting down.  The answer to your guestion, “How did she do that?”  is WD40.  Seriously, WD40.  Who Knew?  I still need to replace the carpet but it’s a little better than it was.

By the way the cabinet does have a lock on it.  Rotten dog is just too smart for his own good.  It’s been the bane of his existence.  He’s completely ignoring me in the picture above.  If he doesn’t acknowledge my presence than he can pretend I’m not fussing at him.   Well I’m off to go buy a rug that I can put down temporarily.

Miniature Dollhouse Garfield Build #13 – My tenants

Leigh Ann & puppy with no name Pupply with no name

I’ve been debating if I should buy dolls for my house.  I knew I wanted a dog for the house and decided it needed a owner.   So I choose a young lady as the owner of the house living there with her dog.  In honor of a dear friend, who just passed away  last month from breast cancer, I have named my young lady Leigh Ann.  I still haven’t named her faithful companion yet, so I’m taking suggestions.  It’s a female dog so I would like something softer sounding.   I may add to Leigh Ann’s household down the road.  Maybe a young man and/or a grandmother figure.

Miniature Dollhouse Garfield Build #12 – Laundry Progress

Laundry Room Space Laundry Room Laundry Room Closet

Busy weekend.  I finished the floor, put brick wallpaper up and wallpapered the Laundry Room.  I also built the closet insert, got everything stained and painted.  All I have left to do is finish working on the door.  Install the chair rail, baseboards, and crown molding.  The lights I installed earlier run around the entire basement so they also light up the inside of the closet.  I had them off in this photo but when they’re turned on it’s a nice effect.  Overall I am please with how the laundry room is shaping up.

Miniature Dollhouse Garfield Build Post #10 – Fiddling around

Windows for bay in kitchenKitchenKitchen 2While I’m waiting for things to dry I find myself already playing with my dollhouse.  I’m bad, I know.  So I have purchased my kitchen furniture and believe this is how I will lay it out.  I chose the colors red and white and I added a butcher block center island.  I’m very happy with the overall look and layout.

I also wanted working windows in my dollhouse.  I purchased 6 wood windows for the sides of the house and the rest I went with Chrysnbon window kits.  They are fairly inexpensive.  You don’t have to paint them, they’re easy to assemble, and I think they look nice.  They are smaller in length than the windows precut for the house so I’ll have to glue in wood inserts, but I’m okay with that.  The 3 windows pictured above, I will be placing in the bay window in the kitchen.  I decided to spruce them up a little by adding stain glass inserts.

Well this brings me up to date with where I am in my building process.  So stayed tuned as I complete more projects I’ll update this site and post more pictures soon.

Miniature Dollhouse Garfield Build Post #9 – Change of first floor layout due to adding staircase to basement

Staircase2StaircaseIn order to accomodate the basement staircase I removed the closet behind the main floor staircase and shorten the base of the staircase.  Once the second floor is in, it will provide for a stable staircase   I will work on cleaning up the opening a little bit so it looks nice.  Overall I thought it turned out well

Miniature Dollhouse Garfield Build Post #8 – Basement

Ceiling on baseBasementVision for Laundry Room Basement SetupCarpet in BasementSo I have been working on the basement.  I added a closet to the laundry room.  I’m still building the inserts that I want to put into the closet.  I actually made the table in the laundry room.  I still need to install the brick wall and glue down the flooring.  But first I need to paint the basement with primer then I’ll start wallpapering and doing the floors.  For the carpet in the basement I’m just using a dark foam craft sheet and verigated felt sheet from a craft store  whole cost 1.23.  I plan on painting the tile in the back area where the bar and pool table are.  I found a stencil that I like, hopefully it will turn out like I am envisioning it.  I’ll post a new picture when done.   It took some time cutting the wood and installing in the base of the house since it is now the ceiling for my basement.  The spiral staircase cut out was challenging, making sure it fit correctly.  In addition, I want to be able to separate the top of the house from the cabinet if I need to.  So building and placing everything is a challenge.  I ended up putting hinges in the ceiling so around the staircase the ceiling is split and will drop down giving me access to move the staircase if needed.  I still need to finish painting the spiral staircase and round steps.  I need to paper the ceiling and install the lights.  The wiring is proving to be another challenge.  I need to install the basement lighting in such a way that I can easily unplugg it from the upper portion if I separate the two parts.



Miniature Dollhouse Garfield Build Post #7 – Staircases

Staircase 8Staircase 9Staircases6Spiral Staircase2 I altered the staircases and I added a staircase for the basement level.  I was really unhappy with the overall look of the flat rails and post.  So I decided to add spindles, new hand rails and post.Stair Rails, post, porch stepsI purchase the spiral staircase off of the internet.  I was originally looking for a kit to build but, the only kits I could find were metal ones that indicated they were hard a not for the faint of heart.  I came across this one and fell in love with it.  It is absolutely beautiful.  Currently all 3 staircases are still being finished.  I need to paint and finish assembling.  Hopefully, I’ll have them completed soon.  I have pushed them to the back burner because I need to complete the basement before moving up to the main structure.

Miniature Dollhouse Garfield Build Post #6 – Amazing Cabinet

CabinetStorage SpaceSo I had a cabinet made.  It came out just as I pictured it in my head.  It gave me a basement, it gave me my card table back, and it gave me a permanent place to display my dollhouse.  It’s on rollers so it’s easy to move.  In addition, you can’t see it in the photos but there’s another 18″ inch board against the back that can be brought up which will allow for a side yard or additional landscaping that I’ll probably leave up once I get to landscaping (a long way from now).  I just wanted to make certain that I could move the cabinet in and out through a door plus have plenty of room for a yard.  Because I’m thinking about adding a garage.

After the house is put together I thought I would add a deck onto the first level and a patio at the basement level for a more complete look.

Miniature Dollhouse Garfield Build Post #5 – Crazy Idea

So as I was building the base over the course of a week, my mind was constantly racing around the rooms in the house and how I wanted to design them.  So here I was, I wanted on the first floor a Living Room, Dining Room, Front Hall, Kitchen.  Ok, no problem that worked.  Second floor, Master Bedroom, Bathroom, and an Office/Library.  Ok, no problem that worked as well.  All the room I had left was in the Attic.  I still wanted the following rooms.  2nd Bedroom, Music Room, Game Room, Laundry Room, and Exercise Room  Big problem, out of rooms not enough space.  Huge bummer.   Ok, rethink the layout.  I don’t know why but I really wanted a laundry room and I really think it went against my sense of organization to put it in the attic.  Second bedroom and music room I could see in the attic.  What I really needed was a basement.  Once this idea took hold I couldn’t get rid of it.

Miniature Dollhouse Garfield Build Post #2 – Putting the Base Together

BaseI carefully remove base pieces from sheets.  A couple of times I had to use an razor knife when the cutting didn’t quite go all the way through.  I first tape everything together to make sure that it all fit and that I was placing everything in the right order.  Then I glued all the pieces together a section at a time.  I let each section dry overnight before adding the another section.  This took a couple of days

Miniature Dollhouse Garfield Build Post #1 – Arrival

I received my dollhouse right before Thanksgiving.  YEAH!  However, was going out of town for the holiday and would not be able to start it right away.

Day 1 of dollhouse build was Dec 5, 2014.  Opened boxed and placed all the sheets of wood in numeric order.  Read the directions, got out wood glue, masking tape, razor knife and sand paper.  Closed my eyes, took a deep breath and jumped in with a positive can do attitude and tons of excitement.